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Oh man, me and my friend Brian were so bored, and we were talking about Reggie, and I was like...what kind of name is Reginald Fils-Aime...well it's obviously a compiliation of names he has taken throughout history...and so I present to you...the names he has taken:

R - Robert F Kennedy
E - Ella Fitzgerald
G - God
I - Ignatius Loyola
N - Napolean
A - Albert Einstein
L - Lucifer
D - Death

F - Francis of Assisi
I - Issac Newton
L - Leonardo Da Vinchi
S - Socrates

A - Alexander The Great
I - Inubis
M - Mohammed
E - Edgar Allan Poe

My Friend (2:02:51 AM): i wonder if reggie has kids.
My Friend (2:03:01 AM): he could spawn the next generation of nintendo goodness.
tom boshans (2:03:03 AM): theyd be the luckiest people in the world
My Friend (2:03:07 AM): yeah
tom boshans (2:03:22 AM): since they would be the only people to not have their names taken
tom boshans (2:03:26 AM): since they are blood of him
My Friend (2:03:35 AM): i wonder who is parents were...
My Friend (2:03:36 AM): no WAIT
My Friend (2:03:41 AM): he had no parents.
tom boshans (2:03:43 AM): he has no parents
tom boshans (2:03:45 AM): he just came to be
My Friend (2:03:48 AM): true
My Friend (2:03:58 AM): from a molten meteor in outer space
tom boshans (2:04:04 AM): LAODOSAIDPOISAFDIOSA
tom boshans (2:04:06 AM): loLOL
tom boshans (2:04:10 AM): oh my god
tom boshans (2:04:12 AM): and
tom boshans (2:04:22 AM): thats the reason why the dinosaurs died
tom boshans (2:04:25 AM): from that meteor
tom boshans (2:04:27 AM): LMOLDMSODS
My Friend (2:04:30 AM): HAHAHAHAHA
My Friend (2:04:32 AM): YESS!@
tom boshans (2:04:33 AM): lololol
tom boshans (2:04:35 AM): oh man
tom boshans (2:04:38 AM): SO AMAZING

Yeah I think we're crazy.
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